The story of an evolving style


As a child I loved painting and drawing, using whatever media I could get my hands on to create art.

Photography came into my life through my Dad who was a keen and skilled amateur. Through the photography books and magazines that filled the house I was quickly taken in by this very technical, “left brained” way of making pictures, combining light, shutter speeds, apertures, ISO and lens choice to create an image.

When I first started shooting weddings the love of creating art was very much the emphasis of my style, producing dynamic and artistic portraits of the bride and groom that had a real “wow” factor.

Of course, you can’t photograph a whole wedding this way and the greater proportion of my coverage inevitably involved documenting the events of the day as they unfolded.

Over time I developed this documentary element of my work until it became not just a core strength, but my preferred way of working, producing as it does a very honest and authentic set of images that are ultimately of much greater value than those which rely solely on aesthetic impact.

Now, with two decades experience of documenting weddings under my belt I can fully immerse myself in the ebb and flow of a wedding day, observing, anticipating and capturing key moments discreetly and creatively, whilst indulging my desire to create art.

Today, my style is a fusion of these two influences. Each finished body of work is one that combines my love of creating photographic art with an ability to capture the essence and sentiment of your day producing a set of touching, authentic and truly personal images with a distinctive style and a timeless appeal.

If that sounds like the sort of result you’d like for your wedding then please get in touch. I’m always happy to answer any questions and talk about your day.