As technology moves on apace the way I deliver images to my clients has had to move on too. For a long time now clients have expected to receive the image files as part of their wedding package, and that’s perfectly understandable. However, how to present those image files in a fashion that’s in keeping with the level of service and presentation I hold myself to has caused issues.

Until relatively recently discs were the way to go. I could present the image files on one disc and put a DVD slideshow on another, print onto the discs themselves and put them both in a personalised presentation case. The end result was a proper product that made couples feel like they were getting something “real”. Something they could hold in their hand and show to people. Not quite the same as an album, but getting there.

Despite them becoming ever more fashionable, I’d avoided USB drives for as long as I could get away with simply because, after all the effort that goes into the creation of the images themselves, simply handing them over on something as utilitarian as a USB drive seemed wrong.

And then came the fashion for computers with no disc drives. A rethink was required. Having an option to present clients with their image files on a USB drive was now a necessity.

Thankfully, I was contacted by who introduced me to their range of custom drives. Among their impressive selection was a classy leather option that I felt I could be happy presenting to my clients. A drive with style and substance.

So here it is. For the foreseeable future if you commission me to photograph your wedding this is how you will be receiving your image files. I hope you’ll agree that in a world of plastic nastiness and tacky gimmickry, this represents a big step up in the presentation of a very personal and valuable product.

USB image presentation USB image presentation USB image presentation 3