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In my twenty-year journey as a wedding photographer, I have come to develop and embrace a distinctive approach that celebrates the candid, unscripted moments that define a couple’s special day. I call this approach my personal brand of documentary wedding photography, and it represents a departure from the traditional norms of wedding photography. Allow me to share what this approach means to me and why I believe it offers a unique and enriching experience for couples.

Alice & David's first dance at Stone Barn


Defining My Documentary Wedding Photography Style

At its core, my approach to documentary wedding photography revolves around authenticity and creativity. It is a style of capturing weddings that focuses on telling the authentic story of the day as it unfolds. Instead of directing the couple and guests to pose for specific shots, I work quietly and unobtrusively, capturing the real emotions, unguarded interactions, and spontaneous moments that occur naturally throughout the day. whilst also employing my creativity to make each image not just a moment captured, but a work of art.

Advantages of My Approach


My foremost commitment in documentary wedding photography is authenticity. I prioritize capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of the day over staged and rehearsed shots. These images resonate deeply with the couple and their loved ones, offering a genuine reflection of the joy, laughter, and tears that define the occasion.


Dave and Yasmin celebrating becoming man and wife

Crafting a Narrative

To me, each wedding is a unique story waiting to be told. With my camera, I aim to craft a narrative that spans the entirety of the day, from the initial moments of anticipation to the grand finale of celebration. This narrative quality transforms the wedding album into a cherished keepsake that transports the couple back to their special day, allowing them to relive it in all its beauty.


Groom preparations in silhouette at The Megaro Hotel London

The Art of Subtle Observation

Unlike traditional wedding photography, my approach hinges on subtlety. I blend seamlessly into the surroundings, ensuring that the couple and their guests can fully immerse themselves in the event without feeling constantly on display. This unobtrusiveness fosters a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the creation of natural, genuine moments.


Laughing and relaxed guests at a marquee wedding celebration

Seizing Unscripted Gems

Some of the most memorable moments at weddings are unplanned and spontaneous. My expertise lies in capturing these unexpected treasures—a child’s infectious laughter, a tearful embrace, an intimate conversation between guests. These unscripted moments add layers of depth and emotion to the wedding album.


Timeless Memories

My photographs are timeless by design. I prioritize authenticity in both the moments I capture and the way I preserve them. When I process your photos I don’t use faddy presets or trendy “looks” that will quickly date them. This ensures that the memories encapsulated within these images remain eternally fresh and relevant, transcending the boundaries of time.


A Relaxed Couple

Through my documentary approach, I aim to minimize the time couples spend posing for photographs. This allows them to fully enjoy their day and devote more quality time to their guests, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.


Guests’ Perspective

As a documentary wedding photographer I am, in many ways, a “professional guest” at your wedding and I capture the day from the perspective of your guests, not just you the couple. This provides a unique and often overlooked view of the day, showcasing the interactions, reactions, and emotions of the people who share in the celebration.

Dancing Guests at a Stone Barn Glouceestershire wedding

In conclusion, my approach to documentary wedding photography is a celebration of authenticity, storytelling, and the beauty of unscripted moments. I offer an approach that resonates with couples seeking a more genuine and emotional representation of their special day. It’s not just a style; it’s a commitment to preserving the beauty of love unscripted, one authentic moment at a time.

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