The story of your wedding captured in stylish, emotive and timeless images without intruding on your day

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Hi there, I’m Paul.

I’m a Bristol based documentary wedding photographer covering weddings, events and celebrations all over the UK and beyond.

I’ve been documenting weddings since 2003 and in that time countless couples have entrusted me to capture their special day in my unique style of natural, storytelling photography, combining an observational photojournalistic approach with creative vision and tasteful finishing, all captured with minimal intrusion so that you can just enjoy your day as you planned it.

If you’d like a quick summary of what I do I recommend you hit “play” on the video below, turn up your speakers and enjoy a 3 minute showreel that sums things up nicely!

The style of photography I produce is known by several names; Documentary Wedding Photography, Wedding Reportage and Wedding Photojournalism are all terms you’ll come across frequently, but whatever you choose to call it my approach is always the same.

I simply blend into the day, a constant but unobtrusive presence at the heart of it all. Observing, anticipating key moments and letting the day unfold around me while I creatively compose images from what I see and record events as they happen through my own artistic interpretation, all with minimal intervention.

Whatever size and style of wedding you’re planning, you can rest assured it won’t be unfamiliar to me. From a typical English civil ceremony with no guests to a traditional Bangladeshi wedding with 350 guests, I’ve seen and documented most of what the world of weddings has to offer, and I’ve had a great time doing it.

I still consider it an amazing privilege to be asked to capture this biggest of occasions in people’s lives, and the sense of responsibility it comes with never escapes me.

If you’d like to be able to forever re-live your wedding day through a creative, emotive and timeless collection of images, but you also want to enjoy your day without it becoming a photoshoot, then please do stick around and explore my site.

Whenever you’re ready to get in touch I’ll be very happy to chat and answer all your questions.


Words from my clients

"He is a complete professional who captured the exact character we were hoping for at our wedding, but with so much skill, understanding and creativity that made each one of these memories so richly expressive and extraordinarily touching."

Soaad and Daniel

"We barely noticed his presence but he must have been everywhere!"

Melissa and Jack

"His friendliness, interest and quiet professionalism put us instantly at our ease"

Jessie and Mike

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